Clogged Marketing Funnel, Plugged Sales Pipeline

Clogged Marketing Funnel, Plugged Sales Pipeline

Marketing agencies are plumbers

When you get a clogged toilet you break out the plunger. When your toddler flushes the entire cast and crew of Octonauts down the toilet you call a plumber.

Sometimes your marketing gets stopped, the budgets start overflowing, and someone downstairs discovered a little drop of water on their desk. Pick up the phone and call an agency. Doesn’t have to be ours. You need someone on the outside to help you identify and mend your marketing.

For our part, we know it’s going to be a dirty job. Have you ever seen a 10-page creative brief? I have.

It took hours to prepare, if not weeks. It was signed off on by 10 people. So, we, the agency, have to convince those same 10 people, plus the three that joined the project late, that we 1) understand the brief and 2) will create something so compelling that all 13 will approve.

In this metric driven world we’re obligated to get things going. I’m not talking about Namby-Pamby stuff like clicks and brand impressions.

Your marketing funnel needs MQLs to convert to meetings, or webinars, or booth traffic. Your SQLs need a reason to answer the phone. You need the hard metrics that we deliver, because we’re the plumber.

Plumbers are unsung heroes. When things get clogged up and you don’t hire a plumber, well ,  let’s just say things start to pile up — and fast. None of us want that.

Call an agency. We can help.

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