Always taking the heat? Let us help you cool it down. Check out our Marketing Koozie Collection. Grab one, or a few to share!

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  • "We hired VLG to help create our swag gift box for client appreciation. We could not be happier." - Bill Thomas

  • "VLG has stepped up our employee onboarding game! Our newbies feel all the love." - Kylie Wright

  • "This agency is so creative. It's about time they have a swag store." - Tina Freedman

  • "More t-shirts please! Love the feel, fit and designs." - Jade Randell

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We are the OG of B2B marketing. VLG defined the mail-to-web experience way back in 2005. Your gifts, swag and merchandise should be bold, not boring. Are they? Browse our inventory for ideas, shop, or contact us to build unique mail-to-web experiences for you and your team.

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Wear your weird

Snag this tee as a reminder that weird ideas are just better. Keep'n it weird since 2005. IFYKYK

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Beef it up

What is in the box has set VLG apart from the start, from inspiration to fulfillment. Let's cook up some grade-A packages, tastefully well done!

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We’ve been called cutting edge, attention grabbing, meeting makers since 2005.